New Journey, New Struggle丨Zhiguang Precision: Elaborately forging "saw" out of industry leaders

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A few days ago, in the workshop of Zhejiang Zhiguang Precision Tools Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhiguang Precision") located in Zhouwangmiao Industrial Park, a fully automatic cutting machine imported from Germany cut steel plates into circular saw plates. The machine roared and the scene was full of enthusiasm.


Founded in 2008, Zhiguang Precision, settled in Zhouwangmiao Town in 2018, specializes in the research and development, production and sales of high-end saw blades. The main products are aluminum alloy saw blades, cermet saw blades, plate saw blades, and pipe saws. The annual production of various metal cutting saw blades reaches more than 200,000 pieces, and it has more than 20 invention utility model patents.

From cutting wood to cutting metal to cutting aerospace materials

Many people don't know that a seemingly simple saw blade has a complicated production process, fine craftsmanship, and a high level of automation. "The saw is a traditional Chinese tool, but as a saw blade for cutting metals, it started in Europe, so we could only imitate it at the beginning," said Ning Jianfeng, chairman of Zhiguang Precision.

At the beginning of 2017, Ning Jianfeng decided to upgrade the product comprehensively, shifting the focus of production and R&D from saw blades for wood cutting to saw blades for aluminum alloy and metal. The company establishes a research and development department at an appropriate time and starts the research and development of new products.


"It took us 2 years to upgrade the heat treatment method of the early batch saw blades. The accuracy and strength of the saw blades have been qualitatively improved, and various performance indicators have been greatly improved. The quality can reach the same level as those produced in Japan and Germany. 95% of the saw blades of different types, some products are better than foreign products, reaching the world's leading." Ning Jianfeng said that in the unpopular industry of saw blades, it can be regarded as an invisible champion.

Last year, a dealer found Zhiguang Precision and offered to customize saw blades for cutting aerospace materials. Saw blades in this field have always relied on imports, and the products are expensive. Buyers hope to find cost-effective alternatives to domestic products.


"It is very difficult because they are all special materials, but the market potential in this field is huge." Ning Jianfeng said that transformation and upgrading must dare to chew on the "hard bones". Therefore, last summer, the R&D team overcame difficulties and started R&D.

At the beginning, the saw blades produced were far from meeting the cutting requirements. The R&D team constantly adjusts the parameters and tries repeatedly, and slowly saw one, two, three...Three months later, the saw blade produced can cut more than 30 pieces of materials, far exceeding the buyer's requirements.

Control quality from technology to service details

At present, the saw blade that can cut melamine board and aluminum alloy developed by the company has become one of the well-known products in the industry. The cermet cold saw for professionally cutting steel is also in a leading position compared with the domestic industry. It can meet the requirements of cold forging, precision forging, and automotive parts. High-precision cutting requirements for parts and other industries.

The ability to have such high-quality products is inseparable from the company's precise grasp of every detail. In the leveling workshop, the reporter saw that technical workers were performing flatness processing and tension correction on the saw blade. This is a key process for processing the saw blade substrate. The flatness, end jump, tension and other indicators involved are to ensure the stability of the saw blade. An important factor for cutting. On the second floor, hundreds of German numerical control equipment automatically grind the saw teeth. Each saw blade with an imported cutter head needs to be ground on the machine for at least one hour, or even five hours.


The details are not only reflected in the production, but also extend to the service. In order to better serve customers, the company has set up a saw blade refurbishment workshop to extend the service life of saw blades. "At present, we are the only saw blade manufacturer that provides after-sales service. The company can send a dedicated person to provide technical guidance to customers." Ning Jianfeng said proudly.


High standards of technology and services have allowed ZG to obtain thousands of partners, including Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion, Wanxiang Group, etc. This year, Zhiguang Precision will further improve the production technology of cutting saw blades for aerospace materials and enhance the technological content of products.

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